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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Blog Your Blessing Sunday - We Survived the Stormageddon 2011

Blog Your Blessings SundayEarly last week the weather predictions were for a huge snowstorm set to hit our area late Tuesday evening.  Tuesday morning cancellations had already started.  The snow began falling here in the early evening.  It was a fine snow but appeared to be accumulating.  My husband had decided to close the office on Wednesday so was a bit disappointed to see pavement on our driveway Wednesday morning.  Here our driveway had been plowed!  The road conditions were reported to be quite treacherous low visibility and large snow drifts due to the high winds.  We had received about 30 cm of fresh snow overnight so drifting was rather significant.  By lunchtime the wind had died down a bit so my husband decided to go into the office.  The roads were not as bad as expected although he experienced nastier roads on the way home.  The roads stayed nasty on Thursday and Friday with drifting snow.  Overall though we faired nicely during Stomageddon 2011.  Our utilities were fine, our driveway got plowed a couple of times and we enjoyed nice home cooked meals so all was well!

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