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Friday, February 04, 2011

Off to the Good Old Hockey Game!

St. Petes Times Forum, Tampa, Florida
St. Petes Times Forum
December 20, 2010

Our kids bought us along with their sib and significant other tickets to see the Tampa Bay Lighting and Carolina Hurricanes game.  Now my husband usually figures it is rather useless hauling me to a hockey game or any other sports game for that matter.  Apparently that is not the ideal time to re-organize your organizer or tweet or even people watch.  At any rate I managed to get to this game.  I bought the $6 popcorn then ate a couple of bites.  My $11 beer I bought did not taste all that great knowing I could have got the same size at happy hour for less that $2.  I did manage to get a lot of great pictures of my husband and the kids though.  My husband took some great shots as well.  He's a lot taller than I am so could hold the camera above the cheering crowd.  It was a wonder outing spent with family!  We had a blast!  Thanks so much to our other kids for this very generous gift :)

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