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Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Dock Damage

dock damage by ice
More Dock Damage
February 12, 2011

The morning of January 12 was eventful to say the least.  I posted a picture of the damage done to our neighbour's boat lift and dock immediately to the south of us.  Pictured is the neighbour's dock next door to them, two doors down from us.  The force of the ice snapped the welds for the short end of the weld and either bent or moved the two outer supporting spiles.  About four doors down it looks like the ice may have damaged the bottom of their boat that was on the lift for winter storage.  Next to that dock, the next dock had most of the runway taken out.

My husband quickly checked our dock.  Ours is smaller so won't know if there was damage done or not until we can get underneath it in the spring.  Our immediate neighbours' docks for four houses to the north of us look to be unharmed.  Next to them there is more dock damage so it must have just been the way the ice was breaking and shifting. 

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