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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - Well It Could Have Been Worse

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

We have had a rather peaceful yet productive week.  We took one day off to renew our Nexus and passports that aside from a bit of rain went well.  Saturday we did a bit of electrical work, well actually a fair amount then Sunday while I was working in the kitchen my husband put the new pool winter cover on.  I'm getting things ready for my husband's upcoming hunt trip so decided to make the sauce for lasagna and moose meat chili.  Both freeze nicely and making them ahead of time means no rushing closer to his trip.  I use mainly fresh cooked or home canned foods but because of the move and fall vacation I missed the busiest of the tomato season meaning I am getting low on a few home canned tomato products.  I bought a few cans of tomatoes.  As I was opening one of the cans, the can slipped a little causing the lid to slam up into my thumb.  The resulting cut spans the width of my thumb less than a quarter of an inch below the nail on the underside.  It likely needs stitches but the reality is that close to the nail they won't stitch unless absolutely necessary.  I cleaned the cut, applied pressure to stop the bleeding then tightly bandaged.  Doning on a pair of latex gloves, I continued working. 

After both sauces were finished and into the cooling stage, I sat down to do a bit of blogging.  Dang my thumb hurt for typing and it was throbbing but it reminded me of how lucky I was.  The cut could easily have taken off the top of my thumb!  In that case the treatment would be pretty much the same as what I already started for the cut.  So for the next few days I will keep it tightly bandaged, clean and dry while watching for any signs of infection.  In the meantime, I'm thanking my blessings!

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