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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New

old verses new purse

Without going into a long a drawn out explanation my husband usually carries the purse. The purse really is a community purse that I seldom carry but it does hold a lot of both of our critical 'stuff'. The purse has held all important documents, make-up, scoffed menus, cell phones, Pictured on the left.  Now, my husband is a large man and large men carrying purses is not the norm but it is even more abnormal when a large man wearing a Hawaiian shirt and checked shorts sporting a straw hat carries a flowered purse.  You cannot believe the number of comments he gets and oh good gosh one of the funniest moments was him carrying the purse with casino security running after him!  Now that was priceless!  Anyway we bought a new purse (pictured on right).  It is not flowered but it is so us!  The new purse will  go nicely with his Redwing attire as well as his Jimmy Buffet wear.  Surprisingly the new purse holds more than the old purse.  Time will tell how others adjust to to the new purse.  I will let you know...

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