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Friday, October 07, 2011

one of many creeks at our vacation resort

The Creek
September 19, 2011

Our vacation home is located in a beautiful resort with many, many gorgeous bodies of water.  This small creek is a short walk from our house so I visit quite often during my walks.  I love how the sky and trees are mirrored in the still waters.  The water is quite clear revealing fish lazily swimming by.  I haven't seen any gators at the creek but the nearby larger pond is known as a popular gator breeding area.  Part of the pond is shown at the top of the picture but it expands quite some distance to the right (not shown).  It's quite common to see gators sunning themselves along the shore of the pond.  There is also an abundance of waterfowl at the pond.  I always take my camera with me when going for a walk as there is just so many wonderful photo opportunities.

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