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Saturday, October 08, 2011

A Very Busy Early Fall

Oh my gosh!  September was a very eventful month for us.  We started moving into our new home on September 1 but it was officially ours September 15.  Now my husband and I are getting on the downside of the hill so to speak so a two week moving period was very much appreciated.  We never spent another night in our old house after August 31 but essentially we were living between two houses.  The main services were on at both houses.  The internet and tv went on at the new house on the sixth, the same day the movers brought out the main part of our possessions.  My new gas stove and dryer weren't connected until the fourteenth.  We did the final clearout of the old house on the fourteenth as well and quite frankly while it was a gorgeous home in a wonderful location neither of us are going to miss it.  Our lawyer was quite good so with no indication of any problems we were able to sign the final papers on the thirteenth then pick up the cheque on the fifthteenth.  Our old house was officially sold and we were the proud new owners of a very nice [if I don't say so myself] five bedroom home with two decks and a pool.  We held our first large scale entertaining on the seventeenth then flew out to our vacation home on the nineteenth.

I would love to say the vacation home was nice and relaxing but eighteen months of trying to sell a house, moving and sheer disruption caught up with me.  I was a bear, not able to relax or sleep, couldn't eat and just downright miserable.  There was a lot to do at the vacation home [most of it hired out] - powerwash the siding, pest control, and landscaping.  We had a great time with house guests for a week in the middle of our stay then headed home on October 6.  We are hosting Thanksgiving for 30 at our new home on October 10th so there won't be a lot of relaxing until that bit of entertaining is out of the way.   I am beyond exhausted!

Our next visit to our vacation home will be considerably more pleasant as by then we will have adjusted to the move for the most part and be back into a bit of a routine without a lot to do at our vacation home.  We are already planning our next trip to our vacation home but this time I am insisting on being home between Christmas and New Year.  Then I plan on doing some serious hibernation for the winter getting close and personal with paint chips!

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