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Monday, October 03, 2011

New Clothes

I am not a shopper by any stretch of the imagination.  Unless it is a farm stand, orchard, antique shop or food related I have no interest in shopping unless I have to.  Despite being a foodie, I shop very little in traditional grocery stores.  So we decided to stock our vacation home with clothes so we don't have to bring clothes back and forth.  I saves money by not having to have a checked bag when flying and no suitcase when driving.

My favourite colours for clothing much to my husband's dismay is black, grey and white.  This colour combination doesn't work well for Florida but I managed to find the cutest two piece swim suit  with black skirted bottoms and a black polk-a-dot top.  It is trés chic and I am so tempted to bring it home for lounging around our new pool.  I bought a really nice cowl necked grey knitted dress that will work nicely at home.  It is really cute!  I'm also supporting clothes with part of the price going towards breast cancer.  I like pink and we have had relatives strickened with breast cancer that did not make it.  We have one battling breast cancer right now and another battling cancer so any support is better than no support.  At any rate I actually shopped for clothes.  Will wonders ever cease?

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