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Monday, October 10, 2011

I Fixed His Golf Cart

It turned rather cold while we were at our vacation home.  Now, I tend to be rather observant so our neighbours put the covers down on their golf carts.  I hauled out our golf cart, unzipped all the covers, snapped them into place then pleased with my work waited for my husband to call for a ride.  He was down playing cards with his entourage.  When he called I tossed a couple of jackets in the golf cart, zipped it up then headed out to pick him up.  I don't walk anywhere here after dark as there are gators and reports of a cougar.  Being small, old and not prone to running without them there adult diapers means I like using the golf cart!  Anyway, you should have heard my husband when he saw the buttoned down golf cart.  He was in serious fits of laughter before I even got the cart stopped then was doing that laughing through his teeth thing that only he can do while tears streamed down his face.  He wasn't buying the fact the neighbours did that to their golf cart so I did it to ours.  Oh no, he just laughed harder. I tried to redeem myself by pointing out that unrolling the covering and using it occasionally would prevent molding issues.  Ok, at that point he seriously lost it!  He could not stop laughing!  Hmm, and I was only being helpful...so I thought!

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