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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bonding Time With Hubby and Bell

My husband and I spent most of today bonding aka replacing electrical switches and outlets on the main level.  As DIYers we tend to work reasonably well together and I do know when to not say anything sometimes unless offering a suggestion when my husband gets frustrated if some repair is not going the way it should.  The power was off on most of the main level meaning no sneaking in computer time without firing up the laptop so I took charge of the prep (eg. opening those stupid over packaged cover plates), organizing the necessary pieces needed in front of each outlet and doing the clean-up.  This was a rather smooth, only run to the hardware store twice, tongue twisting once DIY repair until trying to turn on the PVR because the power had been out.  After several attempts with the PVR giving an error code that the PVR had to be 40ºF to work, my husband finally called Emily, the lovely Bell assistant.

Emily was a real doll, finally directed him to a real humanoid.  Humanoid told my husband to reset the PVR because apparently trying a good twenty times wasn't enough.  When that didn't work, humanoid said to turn off the PVR, wait 15 minutes then try again and if that didn't work wait for an hour and if that didn't work to call back.  My husband called back to get humanoid II who had him go through all the reset stuff then proceeded to tell him that we must have a faulty PVR.  At that point my temper clicked in so I got on one of the other handsets.  You see, I have dealt with Bell ad nauseum over the issue of our PVR.  We 'bought' our PVR from Bell who decided to install a refurbished rental even though we paid for a new one.  When that PVR started acting up, I called Bell who gave us a $10 monthly discount for the inconvenience.  When that PVR continued to act up they sent us out a $500 replacement PVR of which we had to pay for.  So here we are fourteen months later and that PVR is acting up and we haven't even run out of the monthly discount yet!  Yet according to humanoid II, it is a computerized piece of electronics that can fail at any time.  Her attitude bit the big one and I'm not kidding so I demanded to speak to a supervisor.  After a good 10 minutes waiting for the supervisor to come on the line I hung up.  Bell should be downright ashamed of themselves for selling used equipment as new as well as forcing users into high priced JUNK that fails prematurely!  I will definitely be filing a complaint with the CRTC.  We are looking into changing our internet, phone service and television service to cable.  If Bell wants to be this shoddy it is time for us to say adios!

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