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Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh Good Flipping Gosh!

I have always marched to my own drummer.  So we are down at our vacation home and your's truly won $50 in a hoola hoop contest.  My husband has the $50 and my arm is bruised to the point I'm getting it checked tomorrow.  Anyway, years ago when I was a somewhat wee little one we had clackers that where basically two large, hard balls on attached strings that you had to get going then keep the momentum somewhat like hoola hoops.  Then there was that ankle thing that swung a huge ball for the other foot to jump over.  In hind sight the clackers and ankle thingie weren't available so this old lady did the hoola hoop.  And I did do it nicely if I don't say so myself.  I'm actually kind of proud because I've never been much of a physical person to the point of ever winning anything but I could always out perform in terms of academia.  This was just a hoot!  I had a lot of fun too.  It was definitely our of character, surprising our guest but I had a good time.

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