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Monday, October 17, 2011


moonscape October9, 2011

October 9. 2011

My gosh it was a beyond busy September and start to October what with moving and going on our fall vacation to our vacation home.  We have been home only a week and a half of which we entertained twenty-five for Thanksgiving in our new home then entertained another twenty on Saturday (October 15). 

Our new home is looking good!  I have washed and shined more floors than I ever thought I could in a one week period.  The marble floor in our kitchen has been restored and does it ever look absolutely gorgeous!  All in all unless you peek into two rooms or the garage you would think we have been living here for ever.  The garage is less than a day away of getting our one car in and given it is a one and a half (what's with that?) garage that shows you how much work we have been doing.  My pantry would be completely organized had the movers not dismantled my industrial shelving resulting in the clips going missing but as soon as we find them that room will take less than a day to organize.  My husband bought two new televisions for his games room and wall mounted them yesterday just in time for the guys last night.  My husband and I are beyond exhausted!

So we declared yesterday a SOMA day.  It was wonderful!  I put a roast in the oven for dinner then he watched football while I blogged.  After dinner we caught up on The Mentalist.  You just have to love PVR, don't you?  It was not as early of a night as it should have been but the day was just lovely.  We need a few more SOMA days!
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