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Friday, January 22, 2010

A Bit of Rejection Frustration

Cheese, Meat & Vegetable Twist
January 15, 2010

As a blogger who authors multiple blogs I try to include my blogs in various directories and other sites within their niche. This past week has been downright brutal when it comes to dealing with rejection with my food blog. Now my food blog is my most popular and it is linked to a wide variety of other sites promoting cooking. Some of these sites you have to sign up for. While I was doing a bit of blog hopping I came across a site that is basically a directory of food and cooking blogs called foodblogs. I signed up and immediately applied to have my food blog (Mom's Cafe Home Cooking) included in their directory. I met all their criteria so did not expect any problems. Wrong! Apparently and this is according to them a food blog consisting of over 800 posts with more than 80% recipes with pictures is not a food blog! I emailed them back to say you must be mistaken then when I didn't hear back from them I took their over inflated, poorly designed badge off my blog and moved on. It was a tick off just in the sense they had the nerve to say my cooking blog was not a food and cooking blog but I feel in the end it's their loss!

Onto rejection number two. I joined a lovely food site called foodgawker and immediately submitting a picture of the cheese, meat & vegetable twist I had recently made along with pictures of two other dishes. You can only have 3 submissions in que so I waited to see if they were accepted. The verdic came back that all were rejected not on the basis of the recipe or blog but on the basis of the actual picture! Nowhere does it say you have to be a professional photographer only that the picture must be of food and on a food blog. The reason given for all was lighting problems ranging from harsh light to lighting/exposure issues. A re-submission of an edited version of the twist photo also came back with harsh lighting so was not accepted. This rejection has not deterred me at all. In fact I'm viewing this as a learning experience. I don't have a fancy or professional camera set-up much the same as most food bloggers don't either. Instead I will have to rely on Photoshop® to edit better which ultimately means I will be the winner with new found knowledge.

In the end rejection can be good or bad depending on how you view it. Rejection can be frustrating especially when it first happens but it doesn't spell the end of the world :) I'm off to work with Photoshop® and get a bit of help from their group.

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