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Saturday, January 08, 2011

An Amazing Night

Our vacation home neighbours asked if we would be interested in going a Tuesday night buffet they liked going to and we accepted.  The buffet was roast beef and chicken with the extras.  It was nothing fancy and at $10.95 each, definitely not expensive but the food was good.  Aside of the food the only other cost for the night was for drinks.  The buffet was held at a former Holiday Inn in two very small banquet rooms that had the divider open to form one larger room.  There was a bar to one side on the front corner beside a tiny stage.  There was a small dance floor in front of the stage and I do mean small.  The crowd was small numbering about 50.

The entertainment started after dinner so we settled in to enjoy what we thought was only going to be karaoke.  After a few singers things started to liven up well beyond our expectations.   McKinley & Beggs, a well known Florida country duo came on to play a set.  They have been the opening act at Silver Springs for George Jones, Charlie Daniels and Merle Haggard as well as others.  Jack and Jerry Calhoun (Twin Brothers) who frequently appear at the Grand Ole Opry played a set then Jack performed a few songs himself.  When he came out to perform, we went around the room handing long stem roses to all the ladies.    Ken Brady of The Original Casinos and now lead singer of The Casinos performed several number and gave me a signed CD!  Eddie Snyder sat at the table next to ours with Dawn, station manager to 4 radio stations.  Richie Merritt performed a couple of songs as well.  There were other famous singers in the room as well. 

I'll tell you, I was in seventh heaven and then some!  I could not believe we actually were able to enjoy all this amazing talent and not only that chit chat with the entertainers as if we had known them forever.  They were so down to earth and friendly!  The entertainers get together to just do bit of performing and networking so don't charge for the entertainment on Tuesdays.  No one knows who will show up to perform so it varies from Tuesday to Tuesday.  In addition to the free Tuesday night performances special events are scheduled on select Friday and/or Saturday evenings with a seating cost of $10 per person and additional $10.95 for the optional dinner.

Talk about an amazing night!

Garden Gnome

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