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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Recent Vacation

I'm sure by now you have figured out we were recently on vacation.  We left our primary residence on December 8 traveling south to our vacation home then northeast to visit a couple of kids before returning home on January 9, 2011.  Essentially we were gone for a month so I have lots to blog about some of which has been peeking out at you even while we were away.  I had internet during our stop-overs, amazing internet at our vacation home and the kids so am kind of noticing just how crappy my internet service is here but hopefully that will change soon with the house up for sale.  Anyway, I thought I would give a brief synopsis of our vacation so you will have an idea of what to expect for posts in the coming days or weeks.

  • Dec 8 to 9 - on the road, not much sightseeing but saw some great sights
  • Dec 10 to 11 - a bit of unwinding, opening up the house, getting groceries, blew up the golf cart battery (not pleasant)
  • Dec 12 to 18 - a friend with 8 yr old visited so lots of sightseeing including trips to The Florida Aquarium, Busch Gardens and the Gulf Coast, a lot of great eating too, natural wild life in our community, fixed golf cart (expensive)
  • Dec 18 to 29 - took friend with 8 yr old to airport, picked up one of our kids with significant other, visited The Florida Aquarium and Busch Gardens again, made it to the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, hunted for seashells, ate a lot of great food, did a bit of golfing,
  • Dec 29 to Jan 5 - crashed a bit, celebrated New Years by actually going out to a paid event for the first time since being married, had an amazing night out with celebrities, did a bit of shopping, closed down the vacation home
  • Jan 5 to 7 - on the road, did a bit of sightseeing, ran into an icky and very heavy rainstorm, arrived at the kids, enjoyed great food
  • Jan 7 to 9 - crashed at the kids, did a bit of sightseeing, stocked up on cheese to bring home
  • Jan 9 - on the road, changed Lucy's voice to something that could pronounce the name of towns properly, ran into rather heavy lake effect snow but kept her on the road, arrived home safe and sound but tired, unloaded the car, called the kids and started putting things away

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