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Monday, January 31, 2011

Announcing One of Our Kids New Website

I hope you are enjoying all the pictures from our vacation.  There's lots more to come but I thought I would take a break to announce one of our kids' new websites, MysteryPile.  This is not a blog but rather a website that is very much mind provoking website complete with a forum for active interaction.  As part of the mission statement "We crave to know and crave to learn the ways of our ancestors and how their trials built the foundations we live upon today."  So if you have a minute or two drop by and say hello.   Say hi from the Garden Gnome :)

It's funny sometimes looking back to see how you got to this point.  I can remember the excitement at spending hours and I do mean hours of watching code as the little one leaped for joy when a little white dot danced across the screen.  This meant the code so carefully and painstakingly entered worked.  Well Mom and Dad were well behind the little one but we finally splurged and bought our first computer in 1989.  It came with Internet in a Box and oh my gosh I was hooked!  It wasn't long before I set up my very first website, very much blog style.  At that time is wasn't as easy as using a blog host though as every thing was done via html.   One day, I was so frustrated I asked the little one how to do it.  With a characteristic grin, the reply was "I could do it for you or you would learn more figuring it out yourself".  Well there you go, a chip off the old block and definitely something I would have said myself.  So I learned html and every once in awhile when the going is a bit tough with coding, those words come back and they serve me well.  Kids have a wisdom that you can learn from if you are open minded enough to listen.

Garden Gnome

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