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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - Late Christmas Celebrations

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

We held our larger family Christmas celebrations yesterday as we were at our vacation home during the holiday season.  The week was filled with preparations and excited anticipation!  We kept our fingers crossed hoping for good traveling weather for the kids.  The big day came with the first to arrive parents of oldest and youngest grandkids.  The grandkids were so excited to see us so there were lots of hugs and kisses!  Next to arrive were parents of our middle grandkid who was also quite excited to see us along with the cousins.  We sat around chit chatting enjoying a wide array of our tradition family holiday treats like kibbeh, crab meat dip and crackers, crudites, cheese tray and hummus with pita bread.  The little ones amused themselves playing, eyeing up the presents and helping themselves to the snacks.  Finally our youngest kid with significant other arrived.  The much awaited for moment of present opening was upon us much to the delight of the little ones!  Oh my gosh we had so many chuckles to the point of tears in our eyes.  The little ones are just a hoot!  After the present opening we sat down to a sagging table (actually 2 large tables pulled together as there were 12 of us) loaded with our turkey feast.  It was just an absolutely wonderful family get together!

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