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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sea Dragons at The Florida Aquarium

sea dragon at The Florida Aquarium
Sea Dragon
December 14, 2010

The seas are filled with so many wonderous inhabitants, some of which haven't even been identified yet.  I can remember the first time I looked at diatomes in the microscope.  They triggered my imagination with their tiny jewel-like shapes and colours.  I had been hooked on microscopy but oh my gosh did that ever strengthen my love of what treasures a microscope could reveal.  You don't need a microscope to see sea dragons but guaranteed they will trigger all the excitement and imagination of seeing a diatome for the first time.  These creatures are simply amazing!  They move rather gracefully through the water despite their cumbersome leaf-like appearance.  Despite their similarity to sea horses, sea dragons are actually a member of the family Syngnathidae, a bony fish.  These are truly beautiful creatures!

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