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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - A Week of Discovery

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

This past week has been one of discovery mainly blog related.  I have decided to make a few changes on all of my blogs.  All of this will be behind the scenes spanning a month or so per blog.  This is being done as a major improvement overall, one that will give me significantly more control over my blogs.  For the most part I hope to keep the look and feel of my blogs so readers likely won't notice much of a change.  They will notice one quite apparent change although that too shouldn't be too painful.  In order to make these changes I have been doing a lot of research so that I can make the changes systematically and as pain free as possible.  My gosh there is a lot of material out there to digest!  Each day I have discovered something new, quite often one more way to improve my blogs.  Through discovery I am learning a lot about the behind the scenes workings for blogging!  It has been a very interesting week.

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