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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - My Doctor

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

Being sick is not normally seen as a blessing but physiologically it is one of prominent indicators that your body needs attention.  I've been having what I though was benign symptoms prior to the past week so when they escalated the first of the week I foolishly did not pay attention.  I stress foolishly because I make it a point to listen to my body.  Anyway, mid-week there was no ignoring symptoms because they were right there giving me a hi five followed by a whack across the head and a boot in the butt with a healthy dose of "I told you so".  I broke down and called my doctor then crawled back into bed. 

This is not something I do unless in desperate mode.  My doctor and I have a great relationship.  She knows I will not use pain killers unless absolutely necessary.  She trusts my judgement, knows I do my research and am qualified to do so, knows I know my body and at the same time guides me but can be insistent if necessary.  She knows I don't call for an appointment unless absolutely necessary and is very accommodating when I do.  I respect her and she respects me.  It is a great relationship!

So I call my doctor, asking for an appointment telling reception what was going on.  Reception patched me over to my doctor's health practitioner.  My health practitioner is a wonderful person as well who meshes well with my philosophy of holistic and natural health care.    Based on the symptoms, tests were arranged and I was given strict guidelines as to how to manage the symptoms until the test results come back.

I'm still under the weather but am very grateful for having the doctor I do.  She is a true blessing!  She is a team mate in my health care not old school or not willing to listen to my viewpoints about my body but a partner in my health care.  I am very blessed to have a doctor who treats me like their equal, realizes I am quite knowledgeable and respects me.  Besides I really like her :)

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