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Monday, August 01, 2011

A Fun Filled Weekend

This was the long holiday weekend celebrating the Civic Holiday in Canada. We spend Saturday at the kids will most of the kids meeting there for a feastive summer barbeque on a beautiful summer day. The grandkids had a wonderful time! We spent the night at the kids then traveled to Niagara Falls the following day to meet up with one of our friends and his little one. We went up the Skylon Tower (pictures to come) and saw the movie at the iMax theatre. Last night was perfect for walking down to the Falls to enjoy the fireworks over the falls. My gosh, walking back up that hill was a chore!  Then we did a bit of a pub crawl after enjoying a tasty Italian meal.  It was a relatively early night with a fairly early start towards home.  We took a lot of pictures so I will be sharing those once I've worked my way through the Florida spring vacation pictures.

My husband and I are celebrating a special milestone so stopped in Brampton at the casino for a couple of hours.   It was a nice diversion but over stimulating with all the stress as well as recently being in Las Vegas.  He lost a bit and I came ahead.  We stopped for a quick bite to eat then made the final stretch home. 

We are tired and the stress from the house is still wearing heavily on both of us. I'm beyond stressed! It was wonderful to be away for a couple of days. We are signing one offer tomorrow so at least we have one offer. It will remain as a first with a 48 hour clause for the buyer to remove all conditions should we choose to accept a better offer. The good news is we are showing the house again on Wednesday so perhaps that will be the better offer we are hoping for.  At least now with this offer we have a tentative moving date.  

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