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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - The Reality of Moving

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

It started sinking in last week that the house is sold and we are finally able to move.  We increased the decluttering in anticipation.  While we have been decluttering since first listing our house well over a year ago, we've decided that some larger things are not going to be moved because we would like to buy new.  At the same time some of the smaller decor items won't work at the new house so those are being gathered up to give away or donate. 

We have already purchased a natural gas range, dishwasher, kitchen bar height mini table and chairs, a dual fuel outdoor grill (charcoal/propane) and a cordless battery powered lawnmower.  We have a list of what we need to replace yet.  All of our larger purchases with the exception of the grill that we bought about a month ago are scheduled to be delivered directly to the new house so we won't have to move them twice. 

As I'm packing, planning and shopping I can't help but being reminded of how very blessed we are.  These are tough economic times with house forecloses at an all time high.  Here we have been blessed to find a gorgeous home that will save us money on several levels while allowing us to continue our laid back lifestyle.  The move will allow us to spend more time at home.  Family and friends are excited about our move which translates into more company, something we very much enjoy!

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