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Monday, August 29, 2011

My APO-Sulfatrim Nightmare

I was prescribed APO-Sulfatrim last Tuesday to treat my infection.  I read all the side effects and what to look for.  The next day with two doses into me, I noticed what appeared to be an insect bite on my left leg along with four smaller bites and a couple on my ankle.  I didn't think anything of as we have a few biting insects here, some that do bite.  Thursday afternoon with now four doses into me, I saw a couple of insect bites on my right ankle, again nothing to be concerned about.  I had been making and canning roasted tomato sauce on the outdoor grill that is surrounded by English Ivy.  Friday morning I woke drenched and running a fever that I attributed to the infection.  By lunchtime I felt fine so we were on our way to Lexington, Michigan by boat for a couple of days.  Saturday I noticed the original bite marks were a bit larger and there a few more of.  Spider bites always evoke a strong reaction for me so again I didn't think anything of it.  Sunday morning I took my final dose then snuggled back down to get a bit more sleep.  My husband poked his head in the cabin to tell me there were eight to nine feet high due to the strongs winds that started the night before.  I could not believe what I saw when I dressed.  I was covered from head to toe with one of the nastiest rashes I've seen.  I called my pharmacy who told me to get Benedryl going immediately and if there was no sign of improvement to go the ER.  We hurried up the hill hoping the drug store was open.  It was so I got the Benedryl and took two tablets as soon as we were outside.  That was at noon and by the time we went to grocery store for water before heading down the hill to the marina, the drug store already had a closed sign.  So we were quite fortunate we didn't get there later in the day. 

Lexington is a small village, very much into tourism from the marinas.  Arriving by boat means we have no land transportation There is no taxi service or car rental.  There is no hospital but they do have a medical clinic.  There is an emergency response team consisting of police, firemen and ambulances.   We would have no choice but to an ambulance so it's a good thing we have travel insurance.  The next alternative was to get one of our friends or family to pick me then drive me back to Canada.  So we started the waiting game.  The first dose of Benedryl had litte effect.  The second dose showed a bit more improvement.  The third dose saw a bit more improvement so I decided to see what the four would do.  I was taking 50 mg for each dose, four hours apart even through the night.  Each dose brought a slight improvement.  I called my doctor when we arrived home this afternoon.  She said to keep taking the Benedryl until all symptoms of the reaction are gone.  Tomorrow I will reduce the dose to 25 mg per dose at 6 hours apart. 

What a scare!  My doctor and pharmacy have noted my file as 'allergic to all sulfa drugs".  That's one more thing I react to.  It's just too bad that I had to find out this way!

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