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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Excited but Detaching

My gosh, everything is just happening almost too fast.  We knew it would with the right buyer but I did not bank on this almost lost feeling selling the house.  It isn't that I don't know where to start with the packing or what to get rid of,  but rather more of lost for lack of a better word.  We've had sixteen months to decide how we were going to handle this move.  I know what I want to replace as far as furniture and etc. with a set budget.  I already have my colours picked out for the new house AND we have arranged to be able to have access three weeks before the official closing date.   I have a lot of plans for the new house! 

I am seriously totally wound up aka major hyperactive.  I tore apart the upstairs bathroom just after getting the news everything was official.  It is empty and in ready to move condition.  I've gathered up all the nautical themed decor into two boxes, one to give away and one to take to our vacation home.  I've gathered up all the documentation that needs to stay with the house like manuals.  Unwanted items are going out the door daily.  And so the detaching begins...

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