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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Change in Moving Plans

Our house was officially sold a couple of weeks ago with a closing date of November 1.  Everything was settled as far as us moving into our new home officially on that date but we had also arranged with the sellers to take possession three weeks earlier.  That way we could do whatever cleaning needed while taking our time moving things in.  Everyone was happy, signed, sealed and delivered.  It was a done deal with every I dotted and T crossed.  Yesterday the real estate agent called us with a change of plans.

The buyer of our house had contacted them and wanted to know if we would change the closing date to October 1.  There is no way for us to do that given prior travel plans.  So the buyer wanted to know if we would change the closing date to September 15 which meant our agent had to go back to our sellers to see if they would change the closing date as well.  The sellers have moved about 95% out of the house so an earlier closing date was fine with them and we have a provision that allows us to move in September 1.  Now I am really rolling my eyes at our buyer.  Honestly, during the main negotiations she would not budge at all from the November 1 closing date.  It went back and forth several times with her staying firm to that closing date.  Technically we could hold her to that date but we would prefer getting the move over as soon as possible and get settled before the holiday season and our winter vacation.  I don't know why she changed her mind and don't really care as it means we get into our new house two months earlier! 

Our moving time has been reduced from three weeks to two which is still workable.  I didn't want the everyone moving on the same day scenerio with the sellers trying to get out while the buyers try to get in tripping over each other .  That's just two hectic for this old gal!  Now I have to go shopping for my new kitchen stove and our new bedroom furniture.  The packing is going well though.  It helps that we are getting rid of a lot of stuff.  I need to pick up the pace considering September 1 is quickly approaching!

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