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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Heading to Lexington, Michigan

Bluewater Bridge
Bluewater Bridge
August 26, 2011

Despite a slow start Friday morning with me feeling quite sick by lunchtime I felt well enough to continue with our plans to go to Lexington, Michigan for the weekend.  We get to Lexington by boat at least once each boating season.  There are two marinas side by side in the Lexington Harbour.  The smaller marina (Orford;s Marina) just as you enter the habour is a private marina while the other marina is state run.  We had planned this trip for sometime as there was a special event that we wanted to see but all the slips at both marinas were booked so we had to wait for a cancellation.  Luckily for us one of members in the private marina took their boat out of the water for the season so we were first on the list to get it.

It was a pleasant but choppier ride to Lexington than we expected since the winds weren't very strong.  We arrived late afternoon pleased that things had gone smoothly.  After docking, we headed up the hill to Steis's Villiage Inn for the all-you-can-eat walleye dinner.  The hill is a feature you just can't avoid unless you want to stay in the marina the entire trip.  It is a steep enough hill so you get a bit of a workout each time you have to climb.  It usually works out to be three or four times a day for us.  After dinner we stopped at the grocery store for a jug of water and fresh fruit then headed back to the boat to relax for the evening.  It was a grand day filled with plenty of fresh air, sun and exercise!  We retired early but then we usually do on these types of boating trips. 
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  1. I love the Bluewater Bridge. I think it's very beautiful. So you must be in Ontario.

  2. Hi Sharx, yes we live in beautiful Ontario, Canada :) The Bluewater Bridge is an amazing sight!

  3. I cross it nearly every time I drive through to NY. Not so often since my mom died, but every other year or so now.


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