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Friday, August 05, 2011

My Apologies

I really apologize for not making posts the last couple of days.  Things have evolved at such a high speed here pace the past couple of days I really can't even get my head around it.  Our house is officially sold!  We have an official move-in date but because the house we bought is pretty much empty we can get in there three weeks earlier.  That allows us to do the cleaning and painting we want to do as well as move smaller things in.  We will have a mover and we are buying new furniture that will be delivered directly to our new house.  We are extremely excited!

We did another walk through today.  My husband was thrilled to discover the thing we nick named the pulpet was hiding the plumbing for a wet bar.  I discovered three peach (? apricot) and a pear tree in the back yard!  We made a list of what we need to do sort of and what we need to change before fully moving in.   I cannot believe this is happening so fast!  I'm elated of course but still it is almost too much to fanthom.  Talk about a gorgeous house too.  It isn't on the water but it is in a wonderful location that will save us a bundle while moving up all at the same time.  My husband says downsizing yet square foot wise and ammenities it is anything but downsizing!

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