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Monday, August 15, 2011

Flash Backs

I hate the turmoil and chaos of moving.  For some strange reason it triggers strong emotions and flash backs from my childhood, something I have worked very, very hard to keep in the deepest recesses of my memory.  I don't talk about my childhood to anyone including my husband or kids.  I can't explain why those particular memories start flooding back and I can't explain the vivid imagery but I can say I don't like it.  I can't control it so I've learned to deal with it.

Our house is sold.  We are moving so end of and quite frankly I can't wait to move.  We are both excited to be going home to where our family and friends are.  It's funny that once the news came the house was finally sold I went into a packing frenzy but the flash backs didn't happen that day or the next or the next.  Oh no, they waited until the following week then hit with a vicious vengence.  I seriously dread the night when dreams become reality.  I will wake soaking wet and in a panic from one nightmare only to drift off into another one and so the pattern repeats itself throughout the night.  I will find any excuse not to go to bed including drifting off in my favourite chair.  Nothing stops the nightmares!  Trust me, being sleep deprived is one hundred percent better than those nightmares...

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