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Monday, August 22, 2011

I Am A [only in your mind] Victim

According to the Province of Ontario, I am a victim of a violent crime not once but twice.  The irony is both crimes were murder.  Both have profoundly affected my life.  The first really was a bit easier to deal with then the second but I am used to being followed and stalked.  That's my life.  It always has been and I doubt it will ever stop.  But I would like to say, I'm a survivor.  I've learned to protect myself and my family.  I will not let the Province of Ontario or the accused tell me I am a victim.  I'm sorry but that is not in my realm of thinking.  I am not a victim!  I live my life as I see fit and no one not even someone capable of murder is ever going to dictate or control how I live.  So I am flipping the bird at two individuals who are guilty of murder.  You tried to take something from me but in the end you made me stronger!

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