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Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Day Spent Packing

We have spent much of the day packing.  I wanted to go out on the boat but the weather forecast indicated a huge band of storms heading our way.  Just perfect since most of my emergency lighting is packed.  I know where it is and we have flashlights readily available so am not concerned.  Our power always goes out here during storms so needing emergency lighting is a given although the last storm my husband and I sat in the sunporch enjoying nature's fireworks while the power was out.

We are definitely on the countdown to when we get the keys on September 1.  It is supposed to be storming tomorrow as well so we will spend part of the day packing but my husband wants to do a bit of shopping.  While we made a good dent in some of the things we need, we still have more to replace.  I hate shopping :( 

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